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For Brokers: Win Big by Using ThinkHR Throughout the Client Lifecycle

The best brokers offer services that support clients throughout their entire lifecycle—prospecting to renewal and referral. We’ll show you how in this on-demand webinar.
Using ThinkHR at Discovery to Close Deals

With ThinkHR, brokers excel at the pitch and the close, cutting through the noise with straight answers around differentiation and savings that have immediate impact to an employer’s bottom line. ThinkHR staff and partner Russ Blakely show how in this on-demand webinar.
For HR: Recruiting and Hiring: The Secret Sauce

Recruiting and hiring is uppermost on every HR manager’s mind. They all want to know how to put together a recipe to get it right. It’s a competitive world for hiring managers and no-one wants to get chopped or leave out a key ingredient.
For HR: It’s Time to Update Your Employee Handbook

Most HR professionals can agree that employee handbooks can be a handful. Join attorney Robin Shea and the ThinkHR team as they offer best practices and advice for creating an employee handbook.
For Brokers: Case Study: How UNICO Generates Revenue with ThinkHR

Interested in generating a new revenue stream? Carl Zeutzius, Risk Advisor at UNICO Group, and ThinkHR’s Bryan Kleppe provide insights on how UNICO uses ThinkHR as part of their agency growth and client retention strategy.